Friday, April 01, 2011

Stand Out with Dog Nail Polish

Dog’s nails take a terrible amount of wear and tear- which is the reason for dog nail polish.  Dog nail polished was created to protect the dog’s nails from chipping and splitting, which often occurs with dog’s that are active.  Nothing is harder on a dog’s nails then pavement and harsh weather.  Dog nail polish protects the dog’s nails from both and for the owner and the animal that like to show their spirit, dog nail polish comes in many different colors!

Dog nail polish is both chip resistant and water resistant and can be purchased in all colors.  Glitters are available for the animal that truly loves to dazzle.  Typically only one application needs to be applied to the dog’s nails. 

There is no doubt that family dog’s love to be pampered and dog nail polish not only pampers, it protects the animal’s nails from the harsh wear and tear that the nails experience daily.

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