Sunday, April 24, 2011

Designer: Oscar Newman

Looking for that special studdly or frilly attire for that special pooch of yours?  Maybe something classic?  Or perhaps a little more daring?  Whether beach attire, something for the casual outing or a formal, Oscar Newman has exactly what is required to make the day special.  And, nothing says personality more, than your own unique attire, especially when it comes to the pooch. 

Oscar Newman has every way to pamper your pooch.  Whether it is wrapping them up in a special blanket, ensuring their warmth in cold weather conditions with a coat, allowing them to attend that special outing in a dress or trouser or weather simple jewelry to spark their spirit, Oscar Newman has was dog owners are looking for, right down to their Truly Oscar Collection of dog merchandise.  And, dog merchandise is what Oscar Newman is all about.  You will love the colors, the styles and the fabrics and most of all you will love the selections!

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