Monday, April 18, 2011

Bessie & Barnie

What exactly is Bessie + Barnie?  To start, it is an upscale dog emporium that will have your pooch living the life of sheer comfort and style.  Bessie + Barnie offers everything that a dog owner as well as a pooch could desire.  From the best dog beds, dog harnesses, leashes and collars, and more.  What is the great thing about Bessie + Barnie?  They do not allow their products to be sold on sites such as eBay or any other online auction site.  They are a true family with the pooch in mind and they have created an inventory that is spectacular for the hound as well as the hound’s owner. 

Each of our animals require special care and attention and when you have find a store that is geared towards the care and well being of your animal such as Bessie + Bernie you truly do enjoy being a dog or puppy owner.  The site has all the fine ingredients that make owning a pet so cherish able.

Bessie and Barnie dog beds are the best there is!

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