Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Safe Dog Harnesses

Although there are typically two types of use for the dog harness- the first being when the harness is used on the animal to assist the disabled individual and the second, when the animal is pulling a human such as in pulka or skijoring, or hauling a sled or a cart.  However, for the ordinary dog, dog harnesses can be a wonderful piece of equipment when training a dog. 

Dog Harnesses

The dog harness is commonly worn in conjunction with a collar and is designed to be an alternative for a lease attachment.  A harness is designed to surround the torso of the animal, with straps that connect for reinforcement.  The design is meant to control the dog while preventing choking and less slipping that occurs with a collar. 

Dog harnesses have been considered to be the “healthy” standard for a dog.  Dogs are taught proper command easier with the dog harness and respond to the dog harnesses much better than the traditional collar.  They are designed to help control and make the functions of owner and pet more consistent.

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