Monday, February 07, 2011

Trachea Free Dog Harnesses

For those with small dogs, you know that it is important when walking your dog to have them wear a dog harness instead of a collar. This is due to the fact that a collar pulling against a dog's trachea can cause major damage. Even some dog harnesses can be dangerous as they are not low enough. At Poochieheaven, we have one of the best on the market for trachea free dog harnesses- Ultra Non-Choking Dog Harness by Doggie Design.

This harness if made to sit very low on your dog's neck so that it does not affect your dog's trachea. It is easy to put on with a velcro and snap closure, and is available in ten colors and four different colors.

Poochieheaven has a great selection of dog clothing, dog beds, and dog carriers!

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