Monday, February 21, 2011

New Items at Poochieheaven?

What items would you like to see sold at Poochieheaven?

Are we missing your dog's favorite toy or your favorite designer? Would you like to see more bully sticks or nylon collars?

Let us know!

Commend below for a chance to win a prize! Winner will be picked by at 6pm cst.


Winston's mom said...

Hypoallergenic dog treats: like venison, duck and rabbit.

Beth said...

How about treats that are in the shape of veggies and fruits?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see them carry some Doogie treat cookbooks, for those of us who like to make the treats ourselves, and one that has all-wheat and glutin-free recipes would be amazing!

Lauren E said...

I second the cookbooks, but would also like to see cookbooks for home cooked meals. I think you're really missing out without Hartman and Rose collars and leashes. Their products are amazing and they look even better in person.

Jenny said...


Congrats! Please email your email address and some information about your pet!

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