Monday, January 03, 2011

Nina Ottosson: Plastic or Wood?

Should I Choose the Plastic or Wood Nina Ottosson Dog Toys?

Nina Ottosson Dog Toys are very popular, but it can be confusing to know which one or ones are best for your dog. Not only are there several different variations of the Nina Ottosson toys, but there are also plastic and wood variations.

Benefits of the Wood Nina Ottosson Toys

There are several benefits to the wood toys. There is a larger selection in the wood vs the plastic. This is great for dogs that need a lot of stimulus. The wood Nina Ottosson toys are also sturdier, thicker, and heavier. While there is not guidelines, I also find that the wood is better for large dogs due to them being more sturdy.

Negatives of the Wood Nina Ottosson Toys

There are some negatives to the wood toys. Due to them being wood, some dogs will want to chew on them and they will get ruined if your dog is allowed to chew on them. The wood toys are also more expensive than the plastic so for those concerned with price, the plastic may be a better choice. Finally, the wood toys take more time to clean. You can not just stick them in the sink to clean, you will have to wipe down by hand.

Benefits for the Plastic Nina Ottosson Toys

The benefits to the plastic toys are that they are easier to clean because they can be stuck in the sink and washed with your other dishes. They are less expensive compared to the wood. They are lighter and I think this makes them better for smaller dogs.

Negatives of the Plastic Nina Ottosson Toys. 

While plastic, these toys are also able to be chewed on. There is also less variety in the plastic version of these toys.

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