Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Super Dog Christmas Story, Do you have something to share?

Pet owners love their dog for a reason. Let me ask you, “Why do you love your dog?”

Date back in 1700’s; dogs have done lots of help to the human race. The most famous dog was Barry the Saint Bernard who was reported to have saved around 40-100 people that were trapped in a snow.

Today a significant number of dogs are working with the military and police around the world to help solve crimes and to keep people safe from different acts of terrorism. Not only that, there are lots of things dogs do to make the life of their pet owners more meaningful.

So let’s get back to the question, “Why do you love you’re your dog?” Give me a reason…

Many of you will definitely answer, “My dog is my best companion.” Truly a dog will never leave you as long as you take care of it until the rest of his life. People will come and go in your life, even your kids will leave you but your pet stays by your side.

Here is one reason one pet owner loves her dog, its’ name is Jackie-an Australian Shepherd. A dog breed characterized as easy going, easy to train and highly intelligent. Australian Shepherd are courageous, a good watch dog, loves kids, attentive, a loyal friend, affectionate, and naturally protective.

A day before Christmas Jackie and her pet owner went for a walk in a very cold winter clad in their Christmas outfit. The pet owner vividly remembers her Australian shepherd was so pretty in her dog Santa costume, with dog booties and dog Santa hat on.

After a long walk they went back home and suddenly Jackie’s master cannot breathe. She is having an Asthma attack. In the midst of her panic she can’t find her asthma inhaler. Jackie’s seems to know what’s going on with her master, she starts sniffing, walking all over the bedroom, went underneath the bed and in his mouth was the asthma inhaler.

Jackie saved her masters life that Christmas. She was really smart and that’s the reason why until today she is loved by her master so much. Every Christmas Jackie always receives a special dog Christmas gift. Her master can’t thank her enough for being a super dog and best companion.

Here is another super dog story that was published in the book “Chicken soup for the teen soul.” It is about Dusty the Wonder dog, a German shepherd and half collie. Her pet owner Mary said, Dusty was a gift from her aunt and uncle. At first hug she loved Dusty and knew it was a special puppy.

One night, Dusty runs to everybody’s bedroom, barking frantically until he got Mary’s mom’s attention. Half awaked, the mom asked Dusty? The dog keeps barking, so the mom thought he needs to go out to potty but instead of doing his duty he run across the street, where a house was on fire. Immediately Mary’s mom called the firefighters for help and the house that was burning was of Mary’s best friend and her family.

Dusty saved their lives. From that night on Mary promised she would let Dusty sleep in her bed for the rest of her life.

That is a perfect dog present on Christmas day and every day in a dog’s life. So, what about you, What’s your dog’s heroic story?

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