Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Photos with your Doggy: Useful Tips to Take Good Pics

“Woof” “Woof” Hello to all my fellow canines and to all the pet lovers out there! You might be wondering why I keep wiggling my tails…Oh well I’m so excited!!! Holiday season is coming soon…my masters are talking about Halloween and they’re planning of some great activities like trick or treat…I love the treat! I’m looking forward to that. I heard the scary sounds and saw the creepy videos they’re watching last night, I wasn’t frightened because I was sitting on my master’s lap, it’s cozy and I enjoy her petting me…by the way my name is Miny a two-year old bichon frise (French-a curly lap dog). I am a cheerful and friendly type of dog, I love children and people call me a companion dog. Enough about me, let’s go back to the topic…holiday season!!!

Speaking of holidays everybody is excited, aren’t you? I am. First, my master’s friends, visitors, and relatives are coming…that means they will bring their canine pets too. I will have the opportunity to socialize and party with my furry brethren and children will surely be petting me. They will ask my pet owner to play with me and take a picture with me. Children just love dogs like me and I love them too! Plus they will dress me up with a Halloween costume too…isn’t that exciting?

See…during holiday season I am kind of center of attraction. They love to include me on every photo opportunity, that’s what you call a dog celebrity! “Woof” “Woof” that is fun!

Many dog owners like you love to include their pets during holiday photos be it Halloween, Christmas or New Year. Dogs like me love the photo ops and I’m sure my canine brethren feel the same. But sometimes it’s difficult to take good pictures with your pet right? Some dogs have behaviors…temperaments; they are overly excited and don’t know how to pose like their human companions. I am like that too. I lose focus especially when children are around me my concentration is to play with them. During picture taking, my pet owner Lany use techniques so she can take a good photograph of me with everyone.

Here are some tips you might want to practice and consider when taking pictures with your dogs during holidays:

1. Picture training before picture taking- Days before the holiday kicks off Lany trained me with the picture taking. She asks me to sit down and stay in one position.”Woof, woof” I follow her command, she showed me the camera with a treat of course, she leans forward and look me in the eye. She calls my name in a calm voice to get my attention and say “smile” then click. She repeats it over and over until I perform a good job then hand me the treat.

2. Organize and make list of everything you need- Lany loves to take picture with me so she makes sure everything is ready. I see her prepare the camera, batteries, tripod, and of course my costumes and other accessories she wants me to wear. She prepares her costumes too.

3. Talk to everyone who wants to take picture with your dog- Lany introduces me to everybody and instruct them what to do when taking picture, she’s basically teaching them how to hold me and communicate with me. It is important to keep me focus to have a good picture.

4. Consider the location and be conscious about the lighting- if there are lots of visitors outdoor picture taking is great because you have enough space, not crowded with proper lighting. “Woof, Woof” if everyone is talking around me, I get confused, stressed, and agitated. Location and space is important for dogs like me to stay focus and pay attention.

5. Get the best angle- Before taking pictures my master always looks for the best angle. Every time she takes pictures she’ll always say, “Miny…1, 2, 3 smile then click” if I did a good job, she’ll give me a treat. That’s the secret, “a treat for a click.”

Holiday Season is always fun and exciting. People are happy, they get together and party…they bring their pets and we canines have the chance to meet and greet. Holidays always bring good memories…My master created our album and wrote…Lany and Miny on a Holiday! What about you? Do you have an album with your pet on a holiday? Say…Holiday Photos with my pet. You got to have one!

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