Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

Dogs and Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter (both for me to eat and for my dogs!). It has many uses I think when raising a dog.

How I use peanut butter:

1. I use it to either fill kongs or to top kongs off filled with kibble. I then freeze it and let the dogs enjoy. It takes them much longer to eat/lick frozen peanut butter and keeps them busier longer than if it was just regular peanut butter.

2. To give medicine. I will just coat the pill in peanut butter and give it to the dog. They don't know even know that the pill is in there. No more fighting with them to take their medicine!

3. After I have used almost all of the peanut butter out of a jar, I give the jar to Duke and let him try to get it out for a while. Keeps him busy and cleans out the jar.

Another place that you can add peanut butter is to marrow bones or any other of the interactive dog toys out there to make them work and keep them busy!

Peanut butter can also be added to many treat recipes for those that have interest in baking their treats at home.

Things to note:

1. The peanut butter may make them thirsty, so make sure water is easily available.

2. If your dog is on a diet, keep the peanut butter to a minimum due to the calories. It is also high in protein and fat (but the good kind).

Finally, it is best to go with an all natural, organic peanut butter- especially if your dog gets lot of it.


Anonymous said...

We love peanut butter! We use it to bake home made treats. We give them to the family dogs for christmas gifts. I also use it by taking a spoonful, freezing it and when doing my obidience training, use that as a treat (little licks) There are a world of uses for this wonderful food item.

Heather said...

I use peanut butter to cover my puppy's pills so he will eat it. I also have put it into his Kong toy and he loves that!

Tammy Castonguay said...

My Calie likes peanut butter on carrots.

Beth said...

Holly likes it on crackers or just by itself. I have used it for her pills also.

phyllis Smith said...

I use Peanut butter to give Winston his heartworm medicine. He is so picky with food. I have to crush the heartworm pill into tiny pieces and cover it all over with peanut butter.

Sometimes he just licks all the peanut butter off and spits the heartworm piece back out...

He loves peanut butter...

notter said...

I have two dogs, Abbie and Tasha. We use peanut butter for all the above reasons and more. It's good for giving meds, training, etc. Abbie loves it in her treat dispenser, frozen. It keeps her busy all day. Mostly, the girls know that in the evening, they get to settle down and enjoy some peanut butter and crackers with me. It's our bonding time together. They learn to share and not to compete. They practice their training, ie sit, down, stay :) And it's fun time without any expecations on them. They love our peanut butter time. It's the one "people" food they are allowed to have, and we have fun sharing it together. Mary Notter

Molly said...

My 3 dogs love peanut butter!! I use it in thier homemade treats, and in the kong. We also use it to give one of my dogs a "stop eating poop pill".

Lindsey said...

Frozen in kongs with kibble!

palindrome said...

I use peanut butter to stop up Kongs and smeared on a plate to distract them if I need to do something unpleasant. And my dogs are great at cleaning out the nearly empty jars too!

Jenny said...


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