Monday, August 23, 2010

Does your dog eat too fast?

There are some dogs that just eat too fast. It can not only be unhealthy but can be dangerous. Most people that have this issue will go with a brake fast bowl (or similar concept) to help slow down their dog.

But did you know there is another way?

By using an interactive dog toy, you provide a fun, exciting way for your to not only eat, but to also enjoy their meal.

There are a few different types of interactive dog toys, and you will have to decide which is best for your dog.

You could use a puzzle type toy such as the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado or the Nina Ottosson Dog Memory . These toys will have to be refilled frequently if feeding a large dog their entire meal, but would work very well for small snacks or for small dogs.

For those people wanting to feed their dog an entire meal, you would want to try the Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid or the Nina Ottosson Dog Dizzy. These toys can hold a lot more food and will greatly slow down your dog as they try to eat because they have to work to get the food out. Also when they do get the food out, it is usually only a few pieces of kibble, so they can only eat so far.

These are some great options if your dog eats to fast and are looking for an alternative to slow eating bowls.

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