Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Durable Dog Toys

Durable Dog Toys

The most common concern I hear regarding dog toys is that “my dog can destroy that in one minute”. But luckily, there are options out there for durable and long lasting toys. The two most common types are plush and rubber dog toys.

Plush Durable Dog Toys

Plush toys are destroyed much easier than even non-durable rubber toys. Fortunately there are durable plush dog toys that are made to withstand dogs that want to “kill” their toy. These toys are made with special technology such as chew guard to make the seams stronger. The seams are always the first thing to get destroyed when a dog works on a toy.

Dog destructiveness is not limited to one size dog, so the manufacturers of these tough dog toys have made toys in all sizes- from the smallest Shih Tzu puppy to the largest adult mastiff. As an added benefit for dog owners, many of these toys feature a long lasting guarantee- if your dog was to destroy the toy, you get a free replacement.

A type of durable toy that is in between plush and rubber are fire hose toys. A dog toy made out of fire hose is extremely tough for dogs to destroy and can be a great option for dogs that do not like plush or rubber toys.

Rubber Durable Dog Toys

The other type of tough dog toys is rubber type dog toys. There are many different styles and shapes of rubber toys, but one thing reigns supreme- they are long lasting and can give your dog lots of enjoyment. A thing that I find important when it comes to chew toys- especially rubber ones- is that they should be made in the USA, not in China or other unregulated countries where they can pick up some nasty chemicals that can harm your dog. The two brands of rubber durable dog toys that we carry at Poochieheaven- West Paw Design and Planet Dog- are both made in the USA. These toys also feature a replacement guarantee!

The rubber dog toys again come in many different sizes and shapes for all different types of dogs. Some also feature holes so you can add your dog’s food or favorite treat. The West Paw Design toys are made out of Zogoflex- which is non-toxic and extremely durable.

So no matter what toys your dog has destroyed in the past, at Poochieheaven we have a toy that will become your dog’s new favorite toy!

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