Monday, February 08, 2010

My View: Humane Choice Organic Dog Food

Are you serious HSUS!?

When I first read that the Humane Society of the US was coming out with an organic dog food I though, "great! organic food is good". This thought only lasted as long as it took me to read the first few lines of the article announcing its arrival.

My issues with this food? It is vegetarian. Yeah, ok, all organic vegetarian(woohoo!), but no meat! As we all know, dogs are meant to eat meat, they thrive on a raw diet of meat. This vegetarian food is simply wrong. What makes it even more wrong is the fact that is is coming from a organization that says it has dog's best interest in mind....obviously they don't think about keeping these dogs alive and healthy.

I know there are some dog foods out there that initially look like the same thing- all grains, veggies, and fruits (Sojos, honest kitchen), but these are meant to be bases, they are meant to have meat added to them. They don't claim to be a complete diet without it.

They say that Humane Choice is nutritious...yea, but you are missing the most important part- some type of animal based protein- fish, beef, chicken, lamb, bison, etc. I mean take a look at the ingredients, it is all grains. The one thing that we try to tell people over and over again that is not good for your dogs, or to at least make it farther down the line in the ingredient list.

Another thing that bothers me. This food is made in Uruguay. If you are going to make such a crappy food, at least make it in the US with US scored ingredients.

The sad thing is that since it is carried by the Petcos and endorsed by the Humane Society of the US, many people are going to think it is a great food and buy it for their dog. But what they don't realize is that that couldn't be farest from the truth.

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Mrs. Nix said...

I felt the same way. I am a vegan, and when it was first recommended to me that I put my dog on vegetarian food, I had a fit. I couldn't believe anyone was so stupid as to suggest that a DOG not eat meat. After comparing protein content of the Humane Choice with the ingredients in my current lamb and rice food, I noticed that the protein content in Humane Choice is higher. When I talked to my vet's office about it, they said that cats are carnivores but dogs are omnivores...and that she would have no issue at all with my feeding her the new food. She said the presence of so many vegetables was fantastic and that the protein content was high enough that she wouldn't worry. I went from being angry that someone would suggest that I feed my dog a vegan diet to realizing that, in this case, the food is a good one, and my dog doesn't need meat the way cats do. So. I respect and understand and relate to your reaction...but it's not a "crappy" food.

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