Monday, January 04, 2010

Clothes for Huge Dogs

At Poochieheaven we have gotten many request for clothes for huge dogs. These are hard to come by, but many large dogs have thin fur and need an extra layer during the cold winter months.

Some of the dogs that come to mind are Great Danes and Mastiffs. These dogs, while large, have thin fur and will need protection against the cold weather (it is currently 6 degrees here).

Some of the items that we have at Poochieheaven that will fit dogs of this size are:

Black Cozy Fleece Dog Coat- Available in many sizes and goes up to size 30 in back length.
Winter Dog Parka- Available in many sizes and large enough to fit a Great Dane. Waterproof too!
Cloudburst Dog Jacket- Eco Friendly and will keep your pup warm!

These are just a few examples of large dog clothing. If you need more great dane dog clothes or clothing for mastiffs, visit Poochieheaven!

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