Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pawz Dog Boots- Multi Uses!

Pawz Dog Boots are a great multi use dog shoe. These disposable dog booties come in pack of 12 and can be used many times before having to get thrown away. They come in many different sizes and will fit any breed of dog.

Pawz Disposable Boots are good for for many different aspects of your dog's life. If your dog is allergic to the grass or other substances outside, wearing the pawz will make it so they can enjoy outside more! Another time that pawz are useful is during the winter when ice melt has been spilled on the side walk. This can be dangerous for dogs if they were to lick their paws after their walk, but with the pawz, the chemicals stay on the boot and not your dog's paws. Lastly, another reason why pawz are useful are for that aging dog that has trouble getting up on a wooden floor, have them wear the pawz shoe and they will get the extra traction they need.

Pawz shoes are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and made to fit like socks so your dog will readily accept them!

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The Dog Cobbler said...

What makes them different from regular balloons you can get at a party supply store?

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