Friday, November 13, 2009

New Merchandise at Poochieheaven

We have gotten in some exciting new merchandise at Poochieheaven the past month. Most of it is winter related, so enjoy!

Coconut oil for dogs- Coconut oil has many benefits for dogs. Whether your dog has bad allergies or has really bad breath, coconut oil will help all of these. Best of all, it smells and tastes really good so dogs (and cats & you!) really like to eat. If you are not interested in the oil, there is all coconut chips, which are more like treats.

Black Hott Doggers Dog Boots- Are you looking for a dog boots that provides superior paw protection? Do you really like the Muttluks all weather boots, but don't want to spend that much money? The Hott Doggers dog shoes are made by Muttluks and offer the same protection, but at a cheaper price and different design. Try one today!

Dog Christmas Clothes- With the upcoming holidays at Poochieheaven we already have out all of our Christmas merchandise. We have Santa suits and dresses for male and female dogs, snowflake and snowman sweaters, Christmas party collars, and much more!

Dog Tuxedos- We have lowered the prices on many of our dog tuxedos in time for the holiday parties. We have tuxedos in red, white, navy pin stripe, and black. There are also many styles available and fit dogs from 1lb to 100lbs. For those looking for something besides a dog tuxedo, we also have tuxedo shirts and scarves. There are also wedding party collars and bow ties!

Dog Tents- We recently got in two new adorable dog tents. One is a cute pink gingerbread looking house (Sweet Dreams Dog House) that will allow your little girl to feel safe and sleep in comfort. The other is a little red barn dog tent that is fit for the "animal" in your life, or the one that wishes he could be out in the country. The Little Red Barn Dog House is just too cute!

We have many other new products at Poochieheaven, this is just a small sampling. Make sure to check Poochieheaven often for all your favorite dog carriers and dog clothing!

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