Friday, October 16, 2009

Earth Friendly Dog Clothing

More and more items are starting to be made with bamboo instead of cotton or other materials. There are many different reasons for this. Dog clothing is not an exception; recently there has been an explosion of dog clothes made out of bamboo and other earth friendly materials.

A piece of organic dog clothing is not only beneficial to the earth, but it can also be healthier for your dog to wear. Organic dog clothing is made without pesticides that could irritate a dog that has sensitive skin. It will also be good for a dog that has many allergies.

While you may think that you will be limited when it comes to trying to find dog clothing that is earth friendly that is really not the case. There are many options of dog shirts, jackets, and other articles of dog clothing. Another good thing about organic dog clothing is that many of these companies are committed to helping the earth and every time you purchase a piece of clothing, they are giving back to charities.

One of the best materials to make environmentally friendly dog clothing out of is bamboo. Below are some reasons why bamboo is great for dog shirts.

· Bamboo is very soft, very comfortable, and has a luxurious feel to it.
· Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial (kills bacteria that causes odors), anti-bacterial.
· Bamboo is cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
· Bamboo is recyclable.
· Bamboo supplies 30% more oxygen then trees.
· Bamboo removes 30% more carbon dioxide than trees.
· Bamboo requires no fertilizers or pesticides to grow.
· Bamboo naturally holds color during the dyeing process, which prevents the use of heavy metals and toxic chemicals during the dyeing process.

Do you want cotton dog sweaters or shirts but still want to be earth friendly? There are a few companies that make dog clothing out of reclaimed cotton. They reuse the leftover cotton that from other dog or human clothing, resort it and then make it into dog clothing. This way they save on cotton material that goes to the landfill and the energy and materials to make it in the first place.

Besides reclaimed cotton there is also dog clothing made out of recycled polyester. So no matter what kind of dog appeal you are looking for you will find one that will fit you and your earth friendly initiatives.

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