Friday, September 25, 2009

Why the TreatStik?

Teaching your dog how to use the TreatStik?

· There are two sizes- small and large- so make sure you choose one that is appropriate for your dog.
· Most dogs will need to learn to use this toy. Most will not know how to use it the first time you give it to them.
· Fill the toy with treats or kibble.
· The item that you choose to fill the TreatStik with must fit through the oval hole.
· Place it on the floor and push it so the treats fall out.
· If your dog struggles with using it, put peanut butter on it to encourage them to play with it.
· Make sure you allow your dog enough time to learn how to play with this toy.
· This toy is very good for dogs that are food motivated. Dogs that are motivated with other things such as balls, may take a lot more time to get used to it.

Safe use of the TreatStik

· While this toy is durable, no toy is indestructible, supervise your dog’s use with this product.
· Inspect the TreatStik regularly. Look for cracks, missing pieces, tears, and other imperfections.
· Replace worn or damaged toys immediately.
· This is NOT meant to be a chew toy.

What can I put in the TreatStik?

· Any food, treats, or kibble that will fit through the small hole can be used.

How can the TreatStik help with weight control?

· Dogs were meant to forage for their food. Feeding your dog with the TreatStik provides an easy, interactive, & stimulating way to give meals. Your dog will have a healthy release from boredom and be entertained while eating.

The TreatStik is also sometimes spelled TreatStix.

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