Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does your Dog have Skin Issues?

Many dogs have issues with their skin and hair, whether it is allergies, dry skin, or matted hair. The dog shampoo and condition that we have at Poochieheaven contains ingredients that will help with many common aliments. Below are some explanations on what these ingredients will do to your pet's hair and skin.

Lavender Oil- helps to relax and destress, has healing properties, helps to sooth irritations, helps to brighten coat and reduce tear stains

Eucalyptus Oil- revitalizes, has disinfectant and antiseptic properties

Tea Tree Oil- Has antiseptic and anti fungal properties

Citronella Oil- plant based insect repellent

Peppermint Oil- helps stimulate the lymphatic system, cooling properties help relieve itching and irritation

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