Thursday, July 02, 2009

Training Methods for Dogs

I was reading a dog training book and read this interesting article that broke down the different trainging models. It really got me thinking.

Dog Training Models

No-No Model

Method- The dog is always wrong- he is punished unless he can figure out on his own by trial and error what you want.

Effectiveness- Takes a long time and sometimes the dog doesn’t get it, depending on what the dog is expected to learn.

Stress Involved- Extremely high, to the point where the dog may give up trying altogether.

Yes-Yes Model

Method- The dog is always right- he is rewarded for every correct response but still has to learn on his own what is expected.

Effectiveness- Takes a considerable amount of patience and time.

Stress Involved- Can be high, depending on the dog.

Yes-No Model

Method- The dog knows immediately whether he is right or wrong.

Effectiveness- Very fast.

Stress Involved- Very little.

It made me think about how I train Duke. I think when he was a puppy I was using the yes-no model, but sadly, now that he is older and knows the basic commands, I think I use the no-no model in the sense that I really only do training when he does something wrong. I don't tell him he is a good boy enough. I am happy I read this so I can work on getting back to using the yes-no model.

What model do you use? Why?

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