Monday, July 27, 2009

Find the Perfect Dog for You

Finding your perfect dog is a personal decision and should start with a serious look at your lifestyle, preferences and home life. Always select a dog that fits into the home – if you think that the home will adapt to the dog it is unfortunate but seldom does this work and too often the dog is given up a few months later.

Do your research and find out about the dog breeds that appeal to you. A few questions to answer honestly helps shape your decision. Are you active or sedentary? Do you enjoy grooming and are you willing to put up with hair? Is there an activity you want to do with the dog? What do you want the dog for? Are there children in the home? Do you have restrictions as far as the size or type of dog you may or may not have in your area? Do you live in an apartment or is there access to a back yard? Where will your dog spend their time when you are gone?

Having a good clear vision of this can indicate the personal difference between a small adult ‘mutt’ and a large purebred as your perfect dog, which may be different from other people’s perfect dog. If you know you have a 20 pound limit for the apartment then you may be safer getting a purebred that for sure matures under 20 pounds or an adult that is under 20 pounds.

Keep the big “ideal for you” picture in mind. If you have neighbors and don’t like barking steel yourself at those cute beagle puppies with a natural tendency to bawl as hounds do. If you have young children they may be too rambunctious for small dogs like MinPins. If you are active and want a running companion consider active breeds or the “hyper” dog from the shelter *providing* you are willing to put the time into training them in addition to the activity. If you need a service dog look at what type of service is needed. A Chihuahua can be a seizure alert dog, while if you need a guide dog you’ll be more apt to look at larger breeds.

Remember your ideal dog may be different than someone else’s. Dogs are wonderfully adaptable. Choose one that fits your life.

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