Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Traveling with your Dog

From AAA living

Traveling with your Pets

Many pets love car rides. When you travel with Fluffy or Fido, be sure to protect them just like any other member of the family.

Similar to seat belts for humans, pet restraints and travel carriers help protect animals from injury and from injuring other passengers. They also reduce driver distractions, while offering a safe, comfortable place for your pet to ride.

Pet restraints attach to your car’s seat and come in a variety of styles. Be sure to choose the right size restraint for your pet.

Travel carriers should be big enough for your pet to comfortably satand without touching the top. Cats should always ride in a carrier to prevent them from crawling under your feet while you drive.

Never ride with a pet in the front seat, whether in the passenger seat or on your lap. Pets in the driver lap present a dangerous distraction, and front seat air bags could seriously harm your pet if deployed.

Don’t let your pets stick their head outside car windows; debris can get in their eyes, ears, and nose. Leaving pets inside a parked car can lead to heat stroke or hypothermia. Dogs riding in the rear of pickup trucks should be in a carrier that is fastened securely to the truck bed.

Items to pack:
Health documentation and pet first aid kit.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks for dropping by today. Tried to leave a message on one of your other blogs but don't think it took it for some reason. Anyway, thanks for your comments.
You know necessity is the mother of invention. We had fun doing it,
just hope it works as well on the trail as it did here. We will sure be praying for that.
So you have a pet supply store.
How neat!! My son had an ebay business, that he just shut down.
he sold herbal supplements and stuff. Had it for over 5 yrs.
started it in college.
I would assume that you are a pet lover??? correct?? How long have you had your website?? Loved the story about the 6 yr. old and the passing of his dog. Isn't that the truth........we could learn a lot from dogs!! Who else makes you feel like the most important person in the world??
Well, nice to meet you and drop by anytime.
Blessings, Nellie

Michael said...

Hi there. Nice article. I think that people need more articles on how to properly transport dogs or other pets. It's painful to see dogs get hurt in transit and this is usually avoidable if you know how to do things properly!

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