Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Necessities for a New Kitten/Cat

Are you thinking of getting a new kitten or cat? Have you already made the decision to get a new kitten or cat? Are you now unsure what you need to get. Below is a list of what you should be thinking about getting for your new family member.

  • Food- make sure you get a good high quality food. Check the ingredients list, the first ingredients should be a meat product, not a filler such as corn. Good examples are innova, orijen, and taste of the wild. Bad examples are purina foods and ol roy.
  • Litter box- if you already have one cat, you should still get another, it is recommended that you always have one more litter box than you have cats. Example- 2 cats means 3 litter boxes.
  • Litter scoop & litter
  • Scratching post- a definite need if you are not getting your cat declawed, but still recommended even if you are
  • Toys- cats can get lazy and fat fast if they don't have something to entertain them. There are so many cat toys out there such as wands, stuffed mice, small balls, and crinkly toys
  • Grooming brush- to help reduce shedding and hair balls it is a good idea to brush your cat. If you can has longer hair, this is a must so they do not mat.
  • Cat collar and tag- this is a must if letting your cat outside, but it is still a good idea for those indoor cats in case they ever sneak out. Make sure you get a collar made for cats as they have the safety buckle.
  • Bed- giving your cat their own place will help them feel more secure. It will also help to keep them off your furniture and reduce the amount of hair
  • Cat carrier- these are needed for those trips to the vet and boarding facility if you are ever gone.

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