Monday, May 25, 2009

Hip Doggie Clothes in People Magazine

For those that read People magazine, a line that we carry was recently featured in it!

Eddie from Frasier is seen wearing a Hip Doggie sweater with other clothes around him!

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From Frasier
Played by Enzo
Enzo took over the role of Eddie in 2001 from his dad, Moose (who died in '06), and appeared in the family films My Dog Skipand See Spot Run. Though he once hated Moose and most other dogs, Enzo, 13, is now at peace with his seven canine housemates kept by trainer Mathilde de Cagny in Venice, Calif.—including Clyde from Marley & Me (see p. 122). But age has also brought on back problems—and put an end to Enzo's favorite pastime. "He loved playing ball all his life," says de Cagny, who says Enzo now has a new passion: "He walks my son to school every day.",,20271131,00.html

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