Thursday, January 08, 2009

Top Dog & Cat Names of 2008

Top names
1. Max
2. Bailey
3. Bella
4. Molly
5. Lucy
6. Buddy
7. Maggie
8. Daisy
9. Sophie
10. Chloe
Most unusual
1. Rush Limbark
2. Sirius Lee Handsome
3. Rafikikadiki
4. Low Jack
5. Meatwad
6. Peanut Wigglebutt
7. Scuddles Unterfuss
8. Sophie Touch & Pee
9. Admiral Toot
10. Spatula
Top names
1. Max
2. Chloe
3. Tigger
4. Tiger
5. Lucy
6. Smokey
7. Oliver
8. Bella
9. Shadow
10. Charlie
Most unusual
1. Edward Scissorpaws
2. Sir Lix-a-lot
3. Optimus Prrrime
4. Buddah Pest
5. Snoop Kitty Kitty
6. Miss Fuzzbutt
7. 80 Bucks
8. Sparklemonkey
9. Rosie Posie Prozac
10. Toot Uncommon


Rich - Unique Dog Names said...

Being the owner of a dog names website I've heard some pretty unusual names myself. Here's a few...

Putt-Putt: For a dog with short legs.
Bullwrinkle: For a dog that's well...wrinkled
Marilyn: For a Golden Retriever
Paris: For a Golden Retriever
Pupcake: For a small dog
Laptop: For the dog who loves affection and has an owner that's into computers

Lulu said...

These are great names. I know I had a hard time finding the right name for my rescue mutt, and being a girl it wasn't easy. I finally desided on Star. She's a golden short hair small dog, have no idea what breed(s) she might be. I thought about Paris and Britney LOL I think Star is better.

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