Friday, December 05, 2008

Introducing Dog to Baby

Below are some tips to help you introduce your dog to the new baby.

  • Modify the dog's routine. Begin training the dog to observe a schedule- treats at a certain time of days, walks at a certain time of day. whem mom gets home with the baby, her attention will be elsewhere, so the dog won't get attention on demand anymore.
  • Introduce dog and baby slowly. Let the dog greet the new mom, who has been missed while away, and sniff the baby. Keep the dog on a leash.
  • Include the dog in family life. Doggie and junior shouldn't live separate lives. Don't ban the dog from the baby's room, but never leave them together unsupervised. The two need to interact by safely. For example, when bathing your baby, give the dog a treat, so the dog learns that good things happen when he's around the baby.
  • Be sensitive to the dog's reactions. When a baby cries, it can be extremely distrubing and upsetting to the dog. If the dog is pacing, it is saying "make it be quiet". The dog is in distress, and if you ignore the upsetting situation, the screeching, the dog might act on its own to stop the noise.

From December 2008 Pet Age magazine.

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