Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Puppy Saver

I recently read the article called the The Puppy Saver from People Magazine.

If you have ever wanted to know about the horrors of puppy mills and why you should not purchase puppies from a pet store, I would suggest reading this article.

It is from People's Best & Worst dressed issue- September 29, 2008. It is on page 163 and features Bill Smith who rescues dogs from Amish Puppy Mills in Pennsylvania.

Please adopt your dog or buy from a responsible breeder. Pet shops get their puppies from puppy mills no matter what they try to tell you. A responsible breeder would never sell their puppies to a pet store, as they want to know what kind of homes their puppy is going too.

Buy a puppy from a pet store is not "saving it", as the more people buy the more demand there is and the more the puppy mills will produce. A great place to look for dogs that are for adoption is www.petfinder.com.

What is your experience with puppy mills? Have you gotten a dog from a pet store only to have a lot of health problems with it?

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