Friday, August 01, 2008

Tips for Outside Dogs

For those people that keep their dogs outside please remember these safety tips that can save your dog's life.
  • ALWAYS have fresh clean water. Without enough water a dog can quickly become dehydrated.
  • Give them some type of shade. As humans know the difference between the sun and shade is sometimes dramatic. So offer your dog shade. Remember that the shade moves during the day as the sun moves, so they need to always be able to access it. If their shade is a dog house or other type of building make sure it is well ventilated and there is enough air flow so that it doesn't get too hot.
  • If your dog is tied up outside make sure they are not able to knock their water over with the chain or rope. Also if they are tied up, make sure that they can reach water if their chain or rope shortens.
  • Another great way to keep a dog cool (and one that my dog loves) are the small blue kids pools. Fill the up with water and it will help keep your dog cool. Just remember to change the water often.
  • Frozen dog treats can also help keep your dog cool during the day. As can putting ice cubes in their water bowl.

Poochieheaven would like to remind you that a car is not a good place for a dog during the summer. They can quickly become overheated and die.

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