Thursday, August 07, 2008

How to Rid your House of Pet Hair

Unless you are one of those lucky people that own a hairless dog or cat, we as pet owners have to deal with pet hair on an almost daily basis. If you are like me and have a x-large fur ball running around (see picture), it seems to add to the hair problem.

Here are some tips to keep your house free of pet hair (besides shaving them!)

- Use a damp sponge and run it over your furniture or lampshades, this will ball the hair up and then can be easily removed
- Use a rubber glove, dip in water, and rub over furniture. It will collect the hair, which you can easily wash off in a bucket.
- Buy a vacuum cleaner made for pets. My mom has a Dyson and it does wonders for her house of 4 cats and a dog.
- Brush your pet regularly, as this will help get the dead hairs removed before they fall out in your house.
-Feed your dog high quality dog food (as little grain as possible) and treats and they will shed less.
- Have plenty of lint rollers on hand, while these tips may minimize hair, dealing with pet hair is part of pet ownership, so lint rollers will help with those stubborn hairs.

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michael said...

thank you for these tips! One of the problems pet owners have is when they develop allergies to the pets, which becomes quite a dilemma and this is one good way to manage allergies caused by your pets!

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