Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog Furniture

Does you dog love to jump up on your couch when you're not home? Are you sick of having dog hair on your couch? Are you looking for a stylish dog bed to add to your living room?

There are many different type of dog furniture that could suit your needs and make your dog very happy.

One of my favorites is the bentley dog sofa. This is because it is looks so comfortable and looks like something that a human would sit on. Not only that, but it comes with accent pillows! Your dog will love having their "own couch" and will gladly stay off yours.

If you are looking for a luxury dog couch to add to your living room, the most luxurious small dog couch at Poochieheaven is the Lillian Cuddle Couch . This couch also comes with a free dog dress of your choice.

These are only two of the many options of dog couches and furniture available at Poochieheaven.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know of a few people who have bought a couch or futon just for their dog. Not sure about the dog staying off the other furniture, but it would with training.

Jenny said...

That would be the hope anyways to have them stay off :)

michael said...

I've never thought about it, but dog furniture might be a good way to help you dog proof your home from a new dog, by giving it its own furniture, maybe it won't spoil yours!

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