Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Puppy Mills

Did you watch the Oprah Puppy Mill Episode? Did it make you think about where you got your puppy from? Did it make you want to do something about it?

Unfortunately, what this episode showed was true. Another sad truth is that most puppies that are in pet stores around the country are from puppy mills. The good thing about being in the pet store for these puppies is that they get out of the puppy mill system. While we are never going to be able to shut down puppy mills, you can do something to help. There are a few ways you can help. First, you can donate money to a shelter or rescue that takes in puppy mill survivors. Second, when purchasing a puppy get one from a shelter, rescue, or a responsible breeder. Don't buy a puppy from a pet store. Most pet store owners will tell that they do not get their puppies from mills, but they do.

Poochieheaven is located in an area with a large population of puppy mills. I had the chance to go to a dog auction, which is where they get sell dogs that the puppy mills no longer want to either citizens or to other puppy mills. There were 8 week old puppies in cages that wanted nothing to do with the people that walked by. These puppies should be excited to see people. There were also 3-4 adult dogs in small cages made for one dog. Since then I have greatly changed my mind on how and where I would ever get a dog from. A great place to look for shelters and rescues is Petfinder.

If you would like more information about puppy mills or have questions about how you can help visit No Wisconsin Puppy Mills

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