Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Pictures!!

Here we go. We only have 3 weeks until we can let these sweeties go. They will be 800.00 . We have one we may charge more since he has the best face and will be very small! They are eating and running around and playing with eachother and fighting too. They are doing good with going potty on the pad that we are getting them to use. In the bed they only use the pad. So they are learning quick. We are getting Mindy Groomed tomorrow and I am so glad. She is a mess since having those pups. We have been brushing her and have bathed her but she needs a full grooming. Just in time for Christmas. Well if anyone is interested in these babies just email me at For those who live near us we will have a viewing to see them. Just email me! Well I hope everyone has a Great Christmas!!! I know we will.

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