Sunday, November 20, 2005

Its 4 boys for Mindy

Ok so at first we thought it was 2 boys and 2 girls but now that Mindy let us really take a look at them we have come to find out that she had all boys!! She is a wonderful Mother to them. Of course I knew she would be since she is so kind and gentle herself! These are some pictures of the pups. The one with more white we call Mickey because he has 3 spots on his back that looks like Mickey Mouse's head. The one with the stripe on his head is called Zorro right now because on it looks like he has a Z on his back. The the other one is Miko. We will post a picture of Mushu soon. He is in the group picture with the more solid black back. We will sell a few of them. We are debating if we will keep some or not. They are from a wonderful line of Shih Tzu's and as we can not guarantee size we can tell you both the mom and dad are 9 and 10lbs. So they will probably be smaller. Well we will keep you updated with more pictures as we take them.

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